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Our supervising director, Peter Avanznio, did an amazing job of redesigning our whole world in three distinctive styles for just one episode.We even used jazz for the black-and-white section, licensed actual videogame music and anime scores for the episode.We keep doing our job, writing and producing the show and Comedy Central has been great about promoting it online.What are the chances of seeing theatrical release anytime soon?When we had the first DVD of the show coming out, we had a special screening at the Cinerama Dome, and the quality of the animation was really pretty cool, although it was meant for TV!The new season of will debut on Comedy Central on June 23 at 10 p.m.Cohen: Well, Dan Castellaneta returns as the Robot Devil for an episode where Bender dies but his software keeps haunting the Planet Express, and he has to make a deal with the devil. He was very enthusiastic, patient and generous about taking pictures with everyone.

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Cohen: Our big season premiere on June 23 is a double-decker.Animag Online: What has the reaction been to the move to Comedy Central and the new episodes? To be honest, in the beginning we were very nervous because we didn’t know whether it would be the classic that fans expected the show to be …but we were very happy when they were won over last summer.We also have some more experimental animation on tap in an episode called “Law and Oracle,” in which Fry joins the future police force to ward off crime before it happens. I also have to mention our season finale this year, which is scheduled for the beginning of September.It’s called “Reincarnation” and asks the question what if our show was reincarnated in different animation styles.

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