Ceo pay backdating

Johnson’s recent representations include multi-jurisdictional litigation arising out of solicited and hostile takeover attempts and investigations and litigation on behalf of special committees and boards of directors related to public company crises.

In a widely publicized matter that began in 2014, she represented Allergan in defending against the US.6 billion hostile takeover attempt by Valeant Pharmaceuticals assisted by Pershing Square.

Captains of industry could well pinch a leaf out of the old unionists songbook “United we stand – divided we fall” Cultivate an intelligence network.

Salaried staff who can turn their hands to vital jobs can be a good contingency strategy- using a foreman with a current stationary engine drivers certificate to keep the boilers going perhaps, or team leaders with heavy truck licenses to deliver goods.

Gutsy managers have been known to gatecrash union meetings and forcefully voice their views.

Make sure workers home addresses and wives and partners first names are readily available and if appropriate make the opportunity to put management’s side of the story directly to them.

More often than not he will not play the legal cards as they are expensive and can inflame matters. Maybe he could lockout, or suspend striking workers or seek an interim injunction.

Section 97 of the Employment Relations Act 2000 now has penalty provisions if a boss employs strikebreakers (“scabs”) to do the work of strikers.

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