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The most important thing you must remember is: Do not give up on your relationships.

Your spouse, children, parents, and other friends and family will be devastated if you do.

Also, pre-marital counseling is necessary for all couples, especially people who are children of divorce or have been divorced before themselves.

Many of us who have emotional baggage might select spouses that are not good for us and cause us to continue in unhealthy patterns.

Dear Prudence, Recently an encounter with my partner’s father went very wrong.Most of us are so busy that we feel we do not have time for our friends. There may come a time when you need someone to confide in and you do not want to lose your friends.Even in very busy seasons of life, make time to have at least a few close friends. The relationship doctor recommends making time with them a priority.Please consider confiding in the relationship doctor today.Friendships are another area that people struggle in. Doing so will help your friendship stay healthy and help you personally, too.

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