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Hot off a one-night stand, Cam chats with Karen Lee about sexual exploration and the role of casual sex in both of their lives. Michael comes on the show to share about his experience as a musician and gay man in New York City.We dive into the following questions and more: -How has being gay affected his music and... Cam is invited to a Play Party, aka a party with "different expectations"!Karen Lee and Cam discuss the causes of these s**t...In this episode, we explore all the ways that you can meet your soulmate, boyfriend, girlfriend, or just friend with a benefit.This is an awesome crossover episode with Tina Horn, producer and host of the "Why Are People Into That? Tina teaches Cam and Karen Lee about sex parties and sends them on an assignment to participate in one! Karen Lee shares her experience throwing off a pick-up artist.Cam talks about his first clown show and his thoughts on casual sex. What should you do when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and feel depressed AF? Should you stay inside so that no one picks up on your negative vibes?This is an UNBELIEVABLE post-sex debrief with Karen Lee, Cam, and Julie – a lovely lady who recently had sex with Cam.

This episode explores Karen Lee's number one tip for leading a happy life and attracting people to you: Get Confident. We chat about our fortunes and mishaps along Route 66. A listener drops us a line that makes us question why we have sex!It's a sex bootcamp that is guaranteed to improve your sex life.We also ask Emily about her own sexual experiences, and sh...Sex Talk With My Mom offers sex, dating, and relationship advice while exploring the dynamic between a sexually-liberated, Cougar mom and her stand-up comic son.Karen Lee Poter is a 50 year old woman and self-proclaimed cougar.

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