Grey s anatomy 6x11 online dating

His father suspects he's faking it in order to dodge school.Even though everything seems fine, Arizona wants to cover all the bases, so Alex suggests a triple contrast CT.Meredith and Bailey are almost done resecting a tumor, which means they might be just in time to catch the end of Derek's big speech.Suddenly the patient becomes tachycardic, but the anesthesiologist says everything looks fine, and Bailey can't find any bleeders.Brad's father says that'll cost them a lot of money, basically begging his son to confess, but Brad insists he's not faking.Cristina walks up to Teddy, wondering why Avery is assigned to all of her surgeries today instead of her.

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Jackson mocks peds, but Arizona assures him that peds is hardcore.Teddy doesn't know when that will be, but today she really can't.Meredith and Bailey walk into Leslie's room to do an exam, but Leslie doesn't want Bailey touching her.They can't figure out what's wrong, but Bailey thinks she felt movement.Meredith looks around and sees the patient is awake.

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