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magazine sized and tabloid style) were all very coded when they interviewed actors who were gay.Photos that were supposedly taken at the "gym" were actually at bathhouses in NYC.Nichols has a crazy amazing body for a man of any age, much less a guy in his 60s. Tony Geary used to do his love scenes nude, and supposedly, his dick briefly made it on air during an early love scene with Emma Samms. He also has gay face like John Wesley Shipp.[quote] Greg Rikkard with his many "girlfriends" in the cast of Y&R.As far as I know, Greg Rikaart never had Y&R actresses bearding for him as "girlfriends." He may have been photographed with the likes of Emily O'Brien, Clementine Ford, and Liz Hendrickson on occasion, but Emily was clearly in a relationship with her own boyfriend at the time; Ford was in her lesbian phase so the duo would attend GLSEN events together; and Hendrickson is just a pal.In fact, he was already bringing his future hubby (Rob) to Y&R fan events as early as 2009-10.And I remember in his early days on the show, Y&R scheduled him for one of those "Win a Date with ...Wonder if that's where those gym shots of John Wesley Shipp were taken.Mark Collier is one of the sexiest men I've ever seen on soaps.

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Reckell is also supposedly bisexual and the wife knows.

I KNEW Mark Arnold was gay back in 1983 when I was 17. When a male soap star says, "I just haven't found the right woman yet," it means: "Gay I am.

Gay I will always be."Greg Rikkard with his many "girlfriends" in the cast of Y&R.

Plus, he's a vegan with a superiority complex on top of it all.

I read that back in the 80s, a lot of the soap fanzines (when they had them...

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