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Other variations include the scammer claiming that there is an emergency with a sick relative and will ask for money to cover medical expenses.An extortion scam is when any person unlawfully obtains money, property or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion.Whether you are dealing with a door-to-door salesperson, telephone solicitor, through the mail or online activities, you are taking a risk.It is your responsibility to be alert, to be familiar with common frauds and scams, and to be well informed on tips that may prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud.

It is not meant to include everything but tries to answer some common concerns when it comes to seniors' safety and security.

The scammers will always come up with an excuse to prevent face-to-face interactions.

It is at this time that the scammer will advise that they can't afford to travel and will ask for money to cover travel costs.

There are many variations of extortion scams but the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) scheme are the most prevalent ones.

Seniors are being targeted by fraudsters impersonating real government officials.

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