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It's currently a billion industry, and Orlov expects it to rise to billion by 2020.Katy Fike, an engineer and gerontologist, has met with "over a thousand entrepreneurs from around the world" since cofounding Aging2.0 less than two years ago. adults caring for an adult or child with major health issues, and 5 million to 7 million long-distance caregivers, the potential tech market is vast.

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The system helped Reeves' father-in-law take his medications on time, and his health improved dramatically.

Who uses it: Mike Beadles' mom, 85, who has Parkinson's disease and dementia, lives with him in Lawton, Okla. Now Mike, 61 and a disabled vet, is using the low-tech gadget, too.

"Rosie reduces my stress because I don't have to be nervous either one will miss a dose," says Beadle's wife, Heyyoung, who is 43.

Many older people need multiple medications multiple times a day; a memory issue compounds the task.

What it is: A digital pill dispenser that looks like a regular seven-day model.

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